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Impossible to have our workshop in Quistinic (which means “chestnut grove” in Breton), without offering you a chestnut nougat.

The subtlety of the candied fruit, halfway between hazelnut and potato, gives this Bonheur des Ogres recipe a delicate taste and a silky texture.

Chestnut Nougat

PriceFrom €3.40
Excluding VAT
  • RATE

    Unit price: from €3.40 excluding tax

    Sold only in packs of 5 or 20.

    With each order reaching free shipping, the tasting is offered to you.


    Recommended retail price: between €6.90 and €7.50.




    Early payment for the first order, then 30 days for subsequent orders. Payment of your choice by credit card, check, transfer or LCR.


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