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Our history

How it all began for our Ogre Founder...

After a visit to Les Eyzies-de-Tayac in Dordogne, where he opened his first store, our Ogre Founder,Florian Giraudreturned to Brittany in 2013 to settle in the beautiful town of Quistinic, in the heart of Morbihan.

He opened his own delicatessen confectionery store “Ambryzel” in Carnac in 2014. Curious, he is constantly looking for new sweets to share with his customers. This is how he meetsa beekeeper near Jonzac, in Charente – Maritime, whichhim presents a unique Nougat of its kind. This one stands out with a powerful taste of honey, a creamy texture and an intoxicating scent of dried fruits that leaves no one indifferent.


From this first bite a true passion for Nougat will be born.

In 2015, our Ogre sees his tribe grow and he changes priorities. He wants to be close to his family and a tempting idea arises in his mind...


“What if I became an Artisan Nougatier? »


Florian wants to share his passion by making the famous honey nougat, but not with just any honey! He wants ahoney from its territory, imbued with the magnificent landscapes of Brittany, its relaxing nature & the strong and authentic character of the Bretons.

The recipe for Honey Nougat was passed on to him by the Jonzac beekeeper and after a few batches of trials, he enjoyed revisiting this little wonder from every angle.Le Bonheur des Ogres was released on February 24, 2018., with todayseveral ranges of Nougat with a choice of 22 diverse and varied recipes for the pleasure of young and old gourmands. In 2022, Florian has created two new delicacies: Les Croquants des Ogres & The Wonders of the Ogres,that it declines today in 2 new ranges of delicacies,always so daring & Breton. 



Portrait Florian_edited.png

Today, the Happiness of Ogres is...

Notre Équipe
Florian 2.jpg


Always smiling,

warm & gourmand,

he is our Founding Ogre.

Great TEAM

Fred, Paul & Davy collaborate with Florian for the best & the laugh !



Full of humor,

charismatic & integrated,

it is a centerpiece of the company.

Davys 3.jpg


Rigorous, creative with a strong character, he is the guardian of the kitchen!




enthusiastic& keen,

he is the man of

all situations!

Nos Valeurs

& values


Our Ogre minds are creative and innovative. We wishfree French-style confectionery thanks to our original recipes & bold


We make our delicacies with joy and good humor and above all with great rigor.We are committed to offering you moments of quality sweetness.


The secret of a good treat is also the people with whom we share it. And U.S,we want to discover our know-how & French-style delicacy to the whole world! 

HazelnutHONEST !

Our leitmotif at Bonheur des Ogres is to offer youdelicacies that touch your taste buds & your little gourmet heart with all our sincerity and authenticity. 


Taste Workshop Medal nvl_Plan de t

Our Nougat Range



Roasted Barley Nougat


Epicure Medal 2021-01.png

Sichuan Pepper Nougat




at the Culinary College of France

SINCE 2021



of the Tour des Terroirs

SINCE 2021

Nougat with Combava

& Kampot red pepper


L'histoire du Nougat au Miel de Bretagne
Mockup pro couv engagements.jpg
the History of
 Nougat with Brittany Honey

Nougat has been around for centuries, and this confectionery comes in different shapes and flavors all over the world.


The one imagined and manufactured by Bonheur des Ogres is halfway between the Montélimar classic and the Spanish Tourons. The latter was designed to respect the French Nougatiers charter while obtaining the taste of roasted hazelnuts specific to Touron. It is the quality of its honey that makes all the difference and distinguishes it from other nougats: a true and pure delight!


The Happiness of Ogres has chosen toa strong-tasting local honey, from theencounter of bramble, buckwheat and more particularly chestnut. Honey making up around 60% of the sweetening material,Ogre Happiness Nougat possessesa true identity which makes it recognizable from the first bite.


Le Bonheur des Ogres has opted for an ecological and human approach by sourcing directly fromlocal beekeepers, inorganic and conventional agriculture, activists and committed to the preservation of bees and biodiversity.

The other ingredients we use in the base of our Nougatare alsocertified organic farming and guaranteed without additives or colorings.

Notre Nougaterie & Boutique

Find us

You will findThe Happiness of Ogres in thecharming town of Quistinic, located 30 minutes from Pontivy and Lorient. A voluntary choice of location in order to bein the heart of one of the most natural communes of Morbihan, in Brittany.


This magical place invites you to travel back in time through the village ofPoul Fetan (village restored as in 1850) and to appreciate the beauty of nature on the paths taking forests and rivers.


Quistinic is a dynamic community where wepractices Zero Phyto and where we buildautonomous and biodynamic infrastructures. You will have understood, it is a place conducive to the development of young and old!

Come have a laugh & eat treats!

Fred will be delighted with youwelcome in store for a real moment of gourmet conviviality !

in Quistinic

The friend of the Ogres

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