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Our implantation kit n°1 - 6 nougats is composed of: 

6 flavors to choose from x10

+ 1 display

+ Tasting of each perfume


We have designed this implantation kit to be practical & 0 headaches. Simplify your life and offer your customers a new, unique taste experience.


The kit is composed of 60 nougats in total (10 units per flavor).

Implantation Kit n°1 - 6 nougats

€196.50 Regular Price
€190.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  • RATE

    Unit price: €190 excluding VAT;

    The kit is made up of 60 products in total (10 units per perfume)

    Sold only in packs of 10.

    Recommended retail price: €7.50 including tax/piece. 



    Early payment for the first order, then 30 days for subsequent orders. Payment of your choice by credit card, check, transfer or LCR.

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